Lofted Barn Side Cabin

What's included?

We have two different sizes available for our Lofted Side Barn Cabins - 10'x20' or 16'x50'. These cabins are perfect for providing you with extra storage space, and they also come with a porch that runs along the side of the cabin. You'll enjoy the natural light that comes in through the three windows, and the fiberglass door adds an extra touch of durability.

Quality Building materials

Our cabins are built to stand the test of time, thanks to our use of top-quality building materials. We take pride in using LP Siding in all of our wooden structures, which not only ensures durability but also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of our cabins.

Additions & Options

Personalize your cabin to fit your needs by selecting from our premium options. You can add extra windows, doors, heat/air mini-split units, electrical packages, insulation, wood ramps, shutters, and flower boxes to your building.